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02/05/2011 (05/02/2011 in US)

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Oh right, I used to always do this. I’ve gone from being a judgmental social asshole to a judgmental anti-social not that big of an asshole. It’s boring.
Moving from Montreal to Jersey to Baltimore (yup) has definitely taught me the life lesson I was looking for, without even knowing I was looking for it.
Here’s the thing; No matter what you tell yourself, you’re not different from the rest of the world, you actually can’t run away from any problem.  The people in your life who have tried it and advised you on their results aren’t liars, they aren’t weak minded and to some extent, they actually know what they’re talking about.
However, this is not necessarily a negative thing. If I had never left Montreal, I never would have realized how much of a spoiled brat I was. In great lack of detail, I was taking my city, my family and my friends for granted. I was also taking healthcare and a really good paying job for granted, but that’s a whole different thing. I’ve only been gone for five months and already I’ve been forced into having a new perspective on pretty much everything. It’s awesome, it’s tough as shit but it’s something I’m pretty damn proud of.  I’ve never in my life missed anything the way I miss Montreal (cue El Rancho) and that on its own is worth this whole experience.
I don’t want this to come of as a ‘wan wan’ type of thing. Baltimore is a fucking great city. It’s as beautiful as it is sketchy, which is a lot on both parts. It’s a different life than what I’m used too but that’s what I was looking for and I don’t think I could have picked a better place to do it in. It’s already, to my Canadian standards, summer here. I work in a place where I get to observe a lot of people and learn the small, yet many differences in general way of life here.
I guess I’ll get to all of that one day when it’s not 2am.


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I’m going to start this up again. I have a lot of words built up.

Coming soon.

Found it. (updated!)

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Picture quality clearly sucks.


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Meeting Levar Burton is one of the few reasons this world can come up with to get me on Crescent street on a weekend. This ruled.





Now enjoy having this in your head all day. Love you too.


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Brit + Matt

Freaks & Geeks

The Deeg

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Yesterday was a good day. It started off with the last bit of an awesome hang out with Chris from Ottawa,  breakfast with a bunch of good people at Astral Deli and finished off with 8 hours on Angus’ couch watching nothing but Angel.

I came across the Vice guide to Montreal while going through Angus’s shit (he has about a million books and toys, it’s impossible to be at his place and not go through something). When I saw it, I was pretty nervous about looking through it. I LOVE MONTREAL. I was pretty nervous that whichever gang of hipster fucks wrote it, were going to trash anything that wasn’t in Mile end or the Plateau.  However, in the end I was impressed with it. I was only a little frustrated with the review on NDG. Other than that, it was bang on and fucking hilarious. I was stoked to be proved wrong in my judgmental ways. I’m not going to go through it or anything, you can just go here and see it all for yourself, BUT I am going to say a thing or two about NDG.


This is a burb west of downtown where Russians, blacks and white-trash wannabe gang-bangers cohabitate. Every hip-hop act in Montréal seems to big-up NDG like it’s some kind of Montréal equivalent to the Bronx or Compton, but we’ve been there and it’s just a suburb. It’s a place where you can easily buy ganja, and if you use the word “ganja” you probably belong here. Cosmos is the only hole-in-the-wall worth mentioning here, try the Mish Mash omelet: four eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, salami, tomato, onion, cheese, and toast. It will literally kill you.”

So that’s the review. It’s not ALL wrong, for the most part it’s pretty right, except for the part where it say’s it’s just a burb. Fuck no it isn’t and there are way more things to mention about it than just Cosmo’s.

In the five – six years that I’ve lived on my own, I’ve never stayed in an apartment for more than a year. Not until NDG that is. I’ve lived in Verdun, Downtown and the East End. Granted Verdun and the East End are comparible to a nice pile of hot shit, they still have their charm. Not nearly as much as the deeg though. It’s close to downtown (walkable if you’re not lazy), it has so many trees, an AMAZING park with a dog run, and great eating out options. It’s a perfect little community and you won’t feel like a leper for speaking english to anyone. Even it’s ‘crazies’ are charming. The little old lady who walks around sherbrooke screaming at people “DON’T WALK HERE, GO TO CHURCH” it may not sound charming.. but really, she’s a sweatheart and anyone who lives there knows it.  I can go on and on and start sounding like an NDG promo video, but I’m starting to get lazy and contrary to popular belief, I have work to do.  All in all, I really just wanted to touch on the fact that the review didn’t give the deeg the credit it deserves. Like any place there are the bad points, but the good far outweighs the bad. Until I get hitched and start popping out the babies, I’ll be happily living there. Everyone else that does, knows it’s charm and is probably as protective of it as I am.


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anglaidMein Kampf

I don’t see a difference… do you?

Je voie pas la différence… toi?

ok ok.. maybe it’s a little harsh.. but this language issue is getting extremely ridiculous.

Now, I’m aware that Mein kampf isn’t so much about a language, however the arguments are similar and very comparable. I’m not going to rage too much over it until I’ve read the book.. but for now, from what I know about it, I can say that much.

A language is something you can and should learn. Knowing two or more languages is extremely liberating and should be encouraged. This book is  doing the exact opposite to help this. Most people of Quebec are highly closed minded about learning anything other than French. This whole Pure Laine bullshit has got to stop, it makes people just as much a laughing stock as those little neo-nazis romping around.

I’m not in the mood to get into this right now, but it really hurts my soul to see people like Michel Brûlé put down something that should be completely embraced.

That’s that.

**For my non-french speaking friends.. ‘Anglaid’ is a  play on words. English = Anglais, Ugly = Laid. Put the two together and you get one ignorant piece of shit

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I just think he’s wonderful.


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The sushi was actually terrible. Everything about all the ingredients was just a little off. It ended up somewhere on the side of the highway.